The Power of Simplicity

Simply put, if you don’t keep up with the pace of change in payments, you only stand to lose.

Monek offers a single, full-service payment solution that simplifies the complex world of payments; it enables customers to make payments, how, where and when they want and helps merchants of all sizes, to increase revenue, reduce costs and stay safe.

Increase Revenue

  • The business landscape is changing and with Monek, the whole world can be your market! We can help you easily access the hundreds of millions of potential customers out there with the platform you use in the UK or your home country.

  • By enabling customers to pay how they want to pay, and with local payment types, you also reduce cart abandonment rates.

  • Easily integrate your payments system with your warehousing and distribution system to ensure a seamless, multi-channel experience and foster customer loyalty.

Reduce Costs

  • Our sophisticated fraud management engine reduces risk and the cost associated with chargebacks.

  • Integrate with one partner and access all activity, across all channels through a single, intuitive admin portal. No more juggling relationships, reconciling data or wasted time and resource.
  • A single ‘future-proof’ integration that enables your customers to pay how they want to pay, today and tomorrow – without further technological investment.

Stay Safe

  • All the protection you need through Monek’s specialist payment experience and expertise.
  • When it comes to data security, the stakes are simply too high not to comply. Fail to do so and a minimum sanction is to remove the ability to accept payments by card – just imagine the impact this would have on your business and reputation.

  • For total reassurance, Monek operates at the highest level of PCI DSS compliance, keeping you and your business safe from fraud, regulatory risk, data loss and data breaches.
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