Monek Dynamic Fraud Protection

Inbuilt fraud and loss management protection that boosts revenue by reducing traction for good customers and safeguarding you from fraud.

Robust risk management to safeguard your revenue across all channels

Monek keeps your business safe.

Our sophisticated fraud management engine minimises risk, whilst ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Monek dynamic fraud protection is integrated directly into the Monek payment platform. If it does not think a customer is suitable for a riskier type of payment, it simply offers safer, more secure payment methods.

Our aim is to always offer at least one payment method while keeping you safe – boosting your conversion rate and increasing revenue in one simple step.

Protection against chargebacks

Dynamic Fraud Protection also defends you from the cost of fraud and frees your resources from the time lost in disputes.

Fully integrated with our debt collection services, it provides all the protection you and your customers need in a single service, covering all channels.

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