MMS Fees

For our Monek Merchant Services (MMS) customers, the below fees and charges are applicable.

Interchange ++ Merchants

Fee’s for our Interchange ++ Merchants are based on the current fees published by Visa and Mastercard. To view these, please follow the below links.

Interchange Fees

Please click on one of the icons below to link to the appropriate provider.

Card Scheme Fees

The latest Card Scheme Fees are published by our MMS partner, FIS WorldPay, please click the icon below to access the latest Card Scheme Fees.

Blended Rate Merchants

If you are on a blended rate contract, your individual fees will will appear in your contract under the fees and charges section.

Monek Merchant Services (MMS) Fees

Please refer to your individual Merchant Contracts for details of your MMS associated fees.