Understand the need for secure payments

As ecommerce becomes increasingly more popular, the need for enhanced security and robust systems to take payments becomes ever increasingly essential. Whether your products and services cost £1 or £1 million, you need to ensure that you can securely manage your customer’s payment information; safely processing their payments at all times. The Payment Card Industry has introduced strict Data Security Standards (PCI: DSS) that have to be adhered to. These regulations are designed to protect cardholders’ information from fraudsters and you from fines levied against unsecure sites and potential data breaches through hacking. We are one of only a few UK payment gateways to have achieved full PCI accreditation to the very highest level of PCI:DSS Tier 1 and to the latest standard. Using our secure payment services means you don’t have to worry about the associated cost of compliance, whilst you benefit from the highest levels of security, online processing can offer. We keep you safe with a huge investment in system security across multiple data centers’ in the UK. By ensuring secure payment processing, all information between the customer, merchant and payment processor will pass the highest levels of SLA encryption, so that your customer’s details remain safe in watertight security.

Secure Hosting & Payments – a full range of merchant services and payment solutions

At Secure Hosting & Payments, we are proud to offer our merchants a comprehensive selection of payment solutions to cater for every possible processing requirement, allowing our customers to trade how they want to trade. As well as offering credit card processing services to ensure secure payments, we also provide authentication services, anti-fraud tools, SSL certificates and bespoke development for virtual terminals and MOTO solutions, allowing companies to take advantage of our ever-expanding range of e-services. Our experienced and dedicated team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and deliver a solution that works best for you, as well as listen to any new business development ideas you may have. Whatever your business needs you can rest assured that Secure Hosting & Payments will meet your payment challenges head on.