One global payment platform. All payment types, in-store, online and by phone

... that’s ‘The Power of Simplicity’

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Increase revenue. Reduce costs. Stay safe.

Geography needn’t limit your horizons. There are hundreds of millions of potential customers across the world and we can help you connect with them!

How? By enabling your customers no matter where they are, to do business with you the way that they prefer. Through a single platform you can easily process payments in person, online or over the telephone, without compromising on security or compliance.

Monek technology makes it easy to reach international markets, accept local payment types and reduce abandonment rates.

Our technology delivers huge capability, wrapped in a beautiful interface that empowers your business; maximising profitability, reducing costs and safeguarding payments for you and your customers.

Our Services

With one single, full service payment solution for all payment types and channels, Monek lets you choose how, where and when you wish to accept customer payments.


Accept payments globally through all sales channels and deliver compelling customer experiences via a single, scalable payment platform.

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Online Payments

As e-commerce evolves, Monek makes it easy for your business to keep pace and accept payments securely via your website.

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Point of Sale

From mobile and portable to fixed terminals integrated with your EPoS system, we’ll ensure your business can easily accept POS payments.

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Telephone Payments

Discover a flexible and scalable solution for all your mail order and telephone order (MOTO) payment requirements.

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Increase revenue and reduce cart abandonment rates with advanced anti fraud protection

You don’t want to reject good customers, so rather than decline a payment, Monek's intelligent fraud management engine offers a suitable payment option according to the customer risk profile. Dynamic risk assessment protects your business whilst maximising revenue by minimising shopping cart abandonment.

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